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Representing YCAN: VP of Outreach attends the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s Future of Sustainability Conference

June 29th, 2024

At the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s Future of Sustainability Conference, Vinson Russell, Vice President of Outreach for the Youth Climate Advocacy Network (YCAN), represented the organization with a focus on youth-driven environmental leadership. Engaging with industry leaders and policymakers, he emphasized the role of technology in sustainable development and advocated for inclusive environmental policies. YCAN's presence underscored our commitment to empowering young leaders and catalyzing impactful change towards a sustainable future.

YCAN Speaks at North Decatur United Methodist Church

May 8th, 2024

YCAN's team was invited to deliver a compelling address at North Decatur United Methodist Church, focusing on environmental stewardship and youth leadership. Executive Director Aryan Batada emphasized the urgency of climate action and the role of local communities in driving sustainable change. The event fostered meaningful dialogue on sustainable practices and galvanized support for inclusive environmental policies. There was also a lengthy Q&A period, where attendees were able to learn about YCAN’s work and how they could contribute to it.

YCAN affiliate hosts protest in Atlanta: in Earth Costumes!

July 5th, 2023

Lambert High School's affiliate of the Youth Climate Advocacy Network (YCAN) organized a creative protest in Atlanta, advocating for urgent climate action. Led by passionate students, including YCAN's Executive Vice President Aarushi Verma, the protest highlighted the importance of local community engagement in addressing environmental issues. Participants called for enhanced environmental policies and greater awareness of climate change's impact on future generations. They spoke with several community members about the climate, with many voicing support for the cause.

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